What’s Your Goal?

Published by Lisa Basford on

January is the time for setting goals for the year ahead. That’s why I’m thinking about my own goals and the contribution I want to make to the #GlobalGoals.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a blueprint for us all to create a better world.

What are the Global Goals?

We are facing big challenges: climate crisis, poverty, inequality, poverty and more. World leaders agreed the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (aka the Global Goals) in 2015 to create a “greener, better, fairer world by 2030”. Governments, businesses, schools, individuals, all have a role in achieving them.

It’s half time. What’s the score?

Well. Things aren’t great.

According to the UN, only 15% of the goals are on track. The number of people living in extreme poverty is increasing for the first time in a generation; 350m people are facing food insecurity; and 2023 has been confirmed as the hottest year on record.

That’s why – working individually and collectively – we need to turn this around.

It’s time to Fight Back

Watch this short film starring Al Pacino and tell me you’re not motivated to fight back. The half time campaign is calling on us all to take action now and start the fight back.

We can all identify the changes we need to make. For individuals this could mean moving to a more plant-based diet or managing water consumption. For business this could be increasing the minimum wage paid to employees or making more ethical investments. There are so many ideas on the Global Goals website.

My personal goals

We can all create an impact in different ways, therefore we can select the goals where we can make the greatest positive difference. In 2024 I’ll be focusing on these goals.  Come back in 12 months and ask me how I’m doing.

In 2023 I became an Ambassador for The Burnt Chef Project, a social enterprise that supports positive mental health in the hospitality industry. I’m committed to spreading awareness and campaigning for the wellbeing of everyone working in the industry. I’m also excited to be judging the categories in the Mental Health Heroes Awards 2024. Find out more about The Burnt Chef Project here.

I’m starting new projects with two new clients this month. If that’s not exciting enough, I’ll be working in partnership with Baynel, a female-led sustainability consultancy. I hope this is the start of many more collaborative projects with female enterpreneurs.

I’ll continue to advocate for gender equality, for instance spreading awareness via The Prince’s Trust Brilliant Breakfast.

I’ll continue to recommend charity partnerships that help to advance social mobility and I’ll promote inclusivity via organisations like Powered by Diversity.

If you know me you’ll be aware how I champion the needs of neurodivergent individuals. As a trustee for Autism at Kingwood I’m excited to work with the executive team there to create our new strategy as well as taking time out to celebrate our 30th anniversary.

I’m committed to learning more about the ways I can play my part in the climate battle. Last year I moved my web hosting to one powered by renewable energy, bought my first fully electric car and participated in The Carbon Literacy Project.

This year I need to find more ways to make a difference. An easy first action is to keep learning from the wealth of online resources, a particular favourite is the Talking Climate newsletter. Climate change is an area where I really want to use my marketing and communications skills to get the message across. As Solitaire Townsend recently said we need to demonstrate the “emotional payback” of a more sustainable future.

Of all the goals, Partnership is the one that resonates with me the most. I really believe that we are stronger, greater, and more successful when we work together.

I know my best work is often achieved when I partner with like-minded freelancers, agencies and consultancies. If you’re interested to collaborate then please get in touch.

Here’s to a great year ahead.