Do we still need International Women’s Day?

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If your business is celebrating the women in your organisation by asking them to speak at events, take selfies for your company socials or handing out the pink cupcakes ((please no!), can I suggest you’re not really getting the hang of International Women’s Day.

What needs to change?

This is what you should do instead:
– You pay women the same as men for the same work done
– You have family-friendly policies so all parents can thrive at work
– Women are represented in senior roles (not just token NEDs)
– You have an inclusive culture where all voices are heard and respected
– All women – including women of colour, women with a disability and neurodivergent women – are welcomed, supported and can flourish
– Your supply chain and partnership agreements support female-led business

Is International Women’s Day still needed?

Yes it is!

I don’t need pink cupcakes, but I can use #IWD2024 as a vital opportunity to highlight the inequality that still exists and amplify the message to drive change.

Evidence that speaks for itself

Careers After Babies Report:
3/4 of mums earn less than they did before they had children
87% of women are unable to make full time work alongside having children

Green Park Business Leaders Index:
In the FTSE 350 women remain under-represented in many roles notably Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Chair, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Operations Officer (COO), General Manager (GM), and Vice President (VP)

The Gender Index 2024:
Only 1 in 5 UK businesses are female-led. There are significantly more challenges accessing capital for female-led business.

➡ Research by Pregnant Then Screwed:

Mums earn 43% less per week than Dads because of the Motherhood Penalty.

The evidence is conclusive that women continue to suffer inequality at work. They take on the bulk of parenting; are under-represented in leadership roles; and struggle to access capital for their businesses.

This is just a snapshot, please share any other reports. #InternationalWomen’sDay #IWD #IWD2024

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