Good Causes

 Collaboration between corporates and charities can help to solve big societal challenges

We take great pride in the work we have done for UK charities. In fact, our first clients back in 2020 were the Anti-Bullying Alliance and Crisis, and supporting good causes has been a theme for us ever since.

We believe that collaborations between commercial enterprises and the third sector can help to solve big societal challenges. We help charities to build a compelling proposition, showcasing the impact they want to have on the world. In this way, they are better placed to approach new partners. Since 2020 we have supported charities on programmes and campaigns for anti-bullying and homelessness and to increase social mobility and digital skills. Lisa also managed the Don’t Face it Alone campaign for The Diana Award® in 2021.

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Lisa’s passion for improving the lives of children shines through all the work she’s done with us and she has gone above and beyond to help us. Lisa has taken time to truly understand what we need from a project, is passionate about the work we do and always comes in on time. She’s a great problem solver and I would recommend her for any project small or large.

Martha Evans, Director Anti-Bullying Alliance

It was great to work with someone who really understood both the charity sector and the commercial opportunity of our business. 

Tom Marsh, Furniture Enterprise Manager Crisis UK